Thursday, December 15, 2011

Its got me thinking...

So Ive been on Pinterest for a few weeks and i look at these neat things that people come up with, and its got me thinking "Now why didn't I think of that?!" Some people are simply genius! I mean taking old pallets and making them into a bed or an entertainment center? Making several mason jars into a chandelier? Seriously? When I looked at a pallet, all I would see was a bunch of old wood with nails in it and mason jars were for canning right? Boy I was so wrong...

So as you know my huby and I have decided that we are going to build our dream house out of old shipping following those lines, I have also decided that a lot of our household decor will also be made of recycled items (I believe its called upcyling).

So Ive already mentioned the pallets and mason jars, but what about an old metal rake? How about making it into a wine glass rack? Genius!

Have some old tires or cinder blocks? Make them into a garden! Genius!

What about those metal vegetable cans? Ever think to spray paint them and nail them to a wall for storage? Genius!

Milk cartons made into a leftover container? Wine bottles made into vases or candle holders? Genius!

If you haven't looked at Pinterest yet,  highly suggest you do. It will bring out the crafter inside you! Even if your not crafty, there are some really useful tips and tricks on there as well. Today I found a blogger who rolled her grocery store bags so that they can be pulled out of a Lysol cleaning wipe can...SERIOUSLY! I've been storing mine all wrong! I rolled my bags, but instead of putting them in the lysol can, I put mine in a baby wipe box...same idea, and still genius! I've also decided that I will decorate the wipe box so that others know that there are bags in there, not wipes.

The other day, I stole some of my hubby's shirts and made t-shirt vests out of them!

This website has really got me thinking about tons of things that I want to make for my future home, my boys, myself, and others. There are already a few things that I have found that will be gifts for my family.

The website isn't all crafty things can pin pictures of places you want to travel, things that you want, things that are funny, and tons of other stuff. Its really a good way to express yourself through the internet! Need some ideas for family pictures that aren't traditional? Need some wedding ideas? Want a new look? ITS ALL ON THERE! Its like a million websites all rolled into one. Oh and did I mention that you can add to the craziness of pinterest? Yes. If you find a picture of whatever on the internet somewhere, you just download this little "pin it" link onto your favorites bar, and you can pin things to your board and also onto the website for others to see. Super cool!

So anyway, the point of this blog is that after being on pinterest and seeing the genius ideas that people come up with, I often think to myself "why didnt I think of that?!"

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