Friday, December 9, 2011

A tiny dilemma

So as you know, Josh and I have been discussing moving back to San Antonio. I am so torn with this idea…
To move or not to move? I have decided to use this post as a pro and con list for moving and staying…

Pros to moving:
Be closer to family
Be able to have mommy/daddy dates
No 5 hour drive
Have a house on land
Get Charlie (our dog) back once we get a house

Have to pack up AGAIN!
Truck rental and other moving expenses
Possibility of not finding a house
Cannot bring back the past…nothing will be the same

So now onto the pros and cons of staying…
Be on our own…no one to answer to
Kids will go to a very good school
Love the annual celebrations in Midlothian
Chance to establish ourselves in a new town
New, possibility better opportunities

Family is far away
LONG 5 hour drive to San Antonio
May not be able to afford a house
Unless we find a house, Charlie has to stay in SA

So there they are…the pros and cons. Even after writing this I am still torn, but I think I am leaning more toward staying…at least for another year. I think that we (me, Josh, Trent, and Dylan) need to grow as a family together, before we move back to San Antonio. Also, I think that it would be MUCH easier to move with two kids that can walk rather than with an infant…

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