Friday, December 9, 2011

Today's adventure...

Well today was an adventure for sure.

Before Trent was born, I would wonder how I would do things with a baby. How would things  be different? Could I still do what I needed/wanted to do with a baby?

After a few months of having Trent, I figured it out. Grocery shopping got easier, running errands was fairly simple. I figured out how to open doors for myself even with the carseat and diaper bag. I could even feed him and do other things...I thought I was supermom!

One kid is easy.

When I got pregnant with Dylan, I often wondered how much things were going to change. Trent could walk and talk and help me out...another baby would be easy...right?

I thought "pssh if I can do it with one, I can do it with two!" Boy was I mistaken...

Onto my adventure today...

Dylan had a doc appt for his two month shots. Of course Trent wanted to touch this, wash his hands in the sink, play on the doctors chair, climb on the exam table...pretty much drive me crazy. Dylan got his shots, and of course flipped out. So in the midst of consoling a crying infant, I had to put trents shoes back on, put on his jacket, and put everything back into the diaper bag that Trent so graciously pulled out.

Then we went to lunch...Dylan is sleeping at this point, but Trent doesnt want to eat. So we leave.

Onto HEB...oh man. I thought maybe it would be easier if I carried Dylan in the front carrier thing that straps on and put Trent in the basket. Although I didnt have to chase Trent, Dylan was sooo fussy. Dylan is not a fussy baby, at all. I know it was because of the shots, so I tried not to get frustrated...

This is where people start to annoy me. They see a mother struggling to push a basket with one hand, one kid trying to escape from the basket, and an infant crying, and all they can do is smile and say "oh what cute kids"...errrr! yes they are cute, but quit stopping me because I just want to go home!! Oh and HEB didnt have the milk I needed...they were all I'm a tad irritated.

So I finish getting what I need and my basket is overflowing. We get in line and I'm trying to put the groceries on the counter while Trent keeps standing up trying to get the divider thing to play with it like a train. Naturally, Dylan has fallen asleep now. Im trying to get all my coupons together, Trent is crying for some buddy bucks, and the lady from the next register keeps blabbing on and on about her granddaughter who just turned two months and is getting shots soon....blah blah blah. Im hot because I still have my jacket on, Dylan has woken up and is crying again, and the girl bagging up my groceries didnt even offer to help me out. Fine. I will do it myself! She probably doesnt have kids...

I get both boys in the car, all the groceries in the car, get in my seat, turn on the car, put on my seatbelt and realize that I forgot formula...errr.

Onto to walmart we go! I had to get milk anyway. Walmart was a little better, except Trent decided to use the wrapping paper tube as a megaphone for his "firetruck" siren...oh and he hit a few people with it...errr!

We were finally on our way home...

On the way home I finally had a chance to breathe and realize that I kinda feel like Im getting sick...great.

We are finally home, the groceries are put away, Dylan is sleeping comfortably, Trent is playing nicely with his cars, and I still feel like im getting sick. I need a nap! :)

Sorry if I seemed to just rattle on, but I needed to vent just a little.

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  1. Life changed drastically when we got Jayden. Ive had my nephews for like weekends and such but not this long. It's crazy going to the store by myself and juggling him and groceries to get in the house. But its funny when I look back on it all. Its awesome seeing the mom you have become. Those boys are lucky :)