Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Bucket List

Have you seen that movie The Bucket List? I haven't...yet. But I have heard of people making bucket lists. You're supposed to write down goals that you want to accomplish, places you want to go, dreams you want to make come true, things that you want to happen before you "kick the bucket". I've been making mine for years mentally, but I never actually sat down and wrote it out. Yesterday I finally sat down and wrote out my list. There were more things on it than I thought! Some of the things that I wrote down seem petty, but you're supposed to write down things that you would like to do if you had unlimited time and money.

At first, I was just going to make this list of things that I thought I would like and just kinda keep it to myself, but I did a little research and found out that you're supposed to share your list with firends and family, and post it in places where you will see it everyday. Apparently, once you make one, you are supposed to strive to actually reach those goals. Makes sense to me!

So for my readers...I am sharing my bucket list with you! (I already posted it on facebook...)

1.       Own a home
2.       Adopt a baby girl
3.       Own a sports car
4.       Have my own business
5.       Get a masters degree
6.       Get a tattoo
7.       Go to Europe
8.       Try exotic foods
9.       Go on a cruise
10.   Throw a formal dinner party
11.   Go on a shopping spree
12.   Sing in front of an audience
13.   Be a grandma
14.   Have a ring that costs as much as a car
15.   Go to Hawaii
16.   Go to Mexico
17.   Write a book
18.   Wrote a song
19.   Get a boob job
20.   Spend hundreds of dollars on a purse
21.   Learn how to pole dance
22.   Own an iPad
23.   Go to Disneyland
24.   Go to Disneyworld
25.   Visit New York
26.   Visit Maine
27.   Take culinary courses
28.   Meet a famous person
29.   Get bachelors degree
30.   Plan an entire wedding for someone else
31.   Take interior design classes
32.   Have a million dollars
33.   Win the lottery
34.   Start a trend
35.   Take a sewing class
36.   Be in a movie
37.   Go skiing
38.   Learn to play the guitar
39.   Learn to play the drums
40.   Beat dad at scrabble
41.   Take bartending classes
42.   Run a full marathon
43.   Make a lot of new friends
44.   Lose 60 pounds by December 31, 2012
45.   Learn a few languages
46.   Let the people who inspire me know they inspired me!
47.   Plant a tree and watch it grow
48.   Write a letter to 3 friends letting them know how much they mean to me
49.   Get a complete makeover
50.   Learn to salsa dance
51.   Go on a random vacay with no itinerary
52.   Take up knitting
53.   Take up crocheting
54.   Save over $100 with coupons
55.   Go snorkeling
Notice 56 is blank...that is so I can continue to add to my list. I hope that my list will inspire your list. To me, a bucket list gives you a reason to wake up everyday. A reason to strive to reach the silly goals you have in life...like #20 on mine! I've always wanted a purse that costs more than $20 and wasn't bought at Walmart...

I let my hubby read this list last night. Some of the things he laughed at, and some he agreed we could make happen. Later that night, he started talking about things that he was going to put on his list...I was excited! He was making on too! I have a feeling that things are going to get really fun in our household!

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